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F-AA = foPPA Archives
F-AF = foPPA Archives, Anne French Collection
F-BO = foPPA Archives, Ben Owen Collection
F-EB = foPPA Archives, Eric Brooks Collection
F-GH = foPPA Archives, Guy Harris Collection
F-JR = foPPA Archives, John Rickwood Collection
F-RP = foPPA Archives, Roy Paterson Collection
F-SW = foPPA Archives, Stephen Wallbridge Collection
F-SWN = foPPA Archives, Sam Watson Collection
F-VP = foPPA Archives, Popski Collection
IWM-JC = Imperial War Museum, Jean Caneri Papers
PPA-PS = PPA Preservation Society Archives
TNA-PPA = The National Archives, PPA Papers

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Authentic PPA-PS jeep in the Pineta di Classe, South of Ravenna F-GH Guy Harris 2005 Home
About PPA-PS
Lt-Col Vladimir Peniakoff DSO MC "Popski" F-VP foPPA 1945~ Home
Captain Robert Park Yunnie MC "Capitano Bob" F-VP foPPA 1945~ Home
Captain Jean Caneri MC "Jan" F-VP foPPA 1945~ Home
Captain John Cambell MC* "Bulldozer" F-VP foPPA 1945~ Home
Eric Brooks, 1908-2005 F-EB Angela Mayne 1944~ Eric Brooks
Pamela Matthews, 1917-2005 F-VP Keystone Press Agency 1949~ Pamela Matthews
Lieutenant Stephen Wallbridge, 1918-1965 F-VP foPPA 1949~ Stephen Wallbridge
The PPA Memorial, showing the Astrolabe-shaped hedge F-MC Jenny James 2010 PPA Memorial
The PPA Memorial, early in the morning from the air F-AF Anne French 2011 PPA Memorial
Clash of Steel © Commando D.C.Thomson&Co.,Ltd F-AA D C Thomson & Co Ltd ???? Clash of Steel
Argenta Gap War Cemetery F-RP Roy Paterson 2005 War Cemeteries and Memorials
Brookwood Memorial F-RP Roy Paterson 2012 War Cemeteries and Memorials
Corporal Frank Dobinson of "Popski's Private Navy"
with his daughter, representing PPA at the November
2010 Royal British Legion Cenotaph March-past.
F-AA Richard Pohle 2010 Home
View of The Fayoum in Egypt, showing why we like the desert so much F-SWN Sam Watson 2006 News
Roman camel caravan dump in the Western Desert F-SWN Sam Watson 2006 History
Escarpment in the Western Desert F-SWN Sam Watson 2006 Reading
Old Siwa, one of the LRDG's HQ bases F-SWN Sam Watson 2006 Research

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