About the Desert Raiders Association

For about ten years now the Desert Raiders Association has been keeping alive the legend of "British Special Forces in North Africa 1940-1943", with their superbly authentic collection of vehicles. This includes the only reproduction of PPA's own one-off Flamethrower Jeep.

They have worked closely with many SAS and LRDG veterans such as Brigadier-General David Lloyd-Owen and LRDG Association Hon Sec Jimmy Patch, take their vehicles to military fairs all over the country, and are often asked to provide their trucks and jeeps for film work.

We asked them for their own write-up for this article, but they've been way too busy out on patrol, so we'll have to wait a bit for a better explanation of all they get up to.

Meanwhile, you can see a couple of photos of them at the War and Peace Show in 2005 on page 15 of our Newsletter 4.

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1 Nov 2010