Military Ranks

This article is not intended to be a comprehensive examination of British or other military ranks. It's only a simplified, quick-reference guide to the ranks in and around PPA, to give some context that may not otherwise be apparent in the texts reproduced on this website. See also Military Formations, and Count of personnel by Rank. Useful starting points for further investigation, and the primary sources for this article, are the Wikipaedia articles British Army officer rank insignia and British Army Other Ranks rank insignia.


Rank Formation Commanding Notes
Field Marshall Army Group 250,000+ Montgomery and Rommel
General Army 60,000-100,000+ McCreery
Lieutenant General Corps 30,000-80,000 Freyberg
Major General Division 10,000-20,000 Bromilow
Brigadier Brigade 2,000-5,000 Hackett
Colonel Regiment 2,000-3,000 Myers
Lieutenant Colonel Battalion 300-1,000 Popski as British-Russian Liaison Officer in Vienna
Major Company 70-250 Popski as c/o of PPA
Captain Company 70-250 Bob Yunnie, Jan Caneri, John Campbell, Ricky Rickwood
Lieutenant Platoon 25-60 Steve Wallbridge
Mulazim Awal Platoon 25-60 1st Lieutenant, Libyan Arab Force, Saad Ali Rahouma
Second Lieutenant Platoon 25-60  

Other Ranks

Rank Formation Commanding Notes
Squadron Sergeant Major (SSM) Platoon 25-60  
Squadron Quarter-Master Sergeant (SQMS) Platoon 25-60  
Sergeant Platoon 25-60  
Shawish Platoon 25-60 Sergeant, Libyan Arab Force
Lance Corporal Section 8-12  
Corporal Section 8-12  
Ombash Section 8-12 Corporal, Libyan Arab Force
Craftsman, Driver, Guardsman, Gunner, Private, Rifleman, Sapper, Signalman, Trooper,      
Nafar     Private, Libyan Arab Force

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