PPA Personnel Data

The Personnel Data section contains counts of PPA personnel, broken down in various different ways, from foPPA's PopskiBase. See Personnel Register for the Official Register of PPA Personnel.

For further information Who was in PPA? is a comprehensive analysis of PPA membership and explanation of our definitions of "Establishment" and "Attached" personnel.

Do not confuse these counts with PPA's second War Establishment (NA/229/1) of 80 all ranks: these statistics take into account all of the men who were in PPA at any time during its life, from the two unfortunates who were members for only one day, to the two chaps who were the only ones in PPA from the very beginning to the very end.

Although we have defined two categories of PPA membership: "PPA Establishment" and "PPA Attached", we regard all of these men as having been "in PPA". Various Italians are of course included in PPA Attached but a few more are also included because, although they were partisans of the 28th Garibaldi Brigade fighting alongside PPA, they were known to have been attached to specific patrols.

Membership Source
Table showing all the primary sources for PPA membership data.
Length of Service
Table showing the general amount of time that men were in PPA.
Reason for Leaving
Table showing why PPA members returned to their parent units.
Parent Unit
Table showing the Parent Units of PPA members.
Table showing the ranks of PPA members.
Table showing how many men were in each PPA Patrol.
Country of Origin
Table showing where all the PPA men came from.

What's not included are the unsubstantiated claims to PPA membership (58 to date) that foPPA keeps note of. This does not mean that they were definitely not in PPA (the problem of proving a negative): it means that in each case investigated no trace of them has been found in our extensive collection of PPA personnel records and other sources, no PPA veteran can remember them, and no documentary proof, photographic evidence or convincing explanation has been provided to foPPA.

FoPPA is aware of, but as yet has no access to, three further primary documents, written by PPA Officers: a book[1], a typescript and a diary. Having said all of that, we believe that we have now accounted for all PPA Establishment personnel, with only one person (an Original) so far un-named and except for, possibly, one other person who may have already been identified (so not counted). About a dozen personnel known to have been Attached are also not yet named but are included in the counts.

In all the tables of personnel counts within this section the column heading PPA Est means "PPA Establishment", while PPA Att means "PPA Attached".

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Further information
  1. ^ Just as we were about to launch the website, we discovered the family of Captain Rickwood, who have original typescripts of his book "The Khaki Sheep", although we haven't yet seen copies of these. See the news item about this.