Official Register of PPA Personnel

'S' Patrol in Padua, May 1945
'S' Patrol in Padua, May 1945

3 March 2015: We have revised the total number of PPA members up from 249 to 259, in light of further research. One more (unnamed) Sergeant Pilot has been added after discussion last year with Mike Mockridge, son of Lt John Mockridge who commanded the Glider Pilot Regiment detachment to PPA in Tunisia in the Summer of 1943. This clarified that it was almost certainly 1 Officer and 12 ORs rather than 12 All Ranks.

Similarly a discussion early this year with Graham Robinson about attachments from 2SAS to PPA, also in the Summer of 1943, identified two Sergeants who were almost certainly attached to PPA for "jeep warfare training", under Lt Anthony Greville-Bell (already listed below). For temporary technical reasons these new entries cannot be added to the Register here, but the 2SAS men are Graham's father, 894174 Sergeant Joseph Henry "Tim" Robinson, and Sergeant George 'Bebe' Daniels MM.

Examination of the PPA War Diary regarding amphibious operations in 1944 produced the realisation that there must have been an attachment of at least 7 RASC drivers, with their DUKWs. Like the unnamed Glider Pilots below, they'll be added as "DUKW Driver?1 ...7" when the database upload problem is fixed.

Please note that this revised figure of 259 has not yet been incorporated into any other PPA Personnel webpages.

The 259 "confirmed" PPA personnel are split by foPPA into two categories: "Establishment" (200) and "Attached" (59). See Who was in PPA? for an explanation of this and an examination of PPA membership, and Personnel Data for various numerical analyses of PPA membership. The register has been compiled from and carefully cross-checked against all known relevant sources, but a handful of personnel remain as yet un-named.

The total of 259 represents the number of men who have been "in" PPA at any time from formation in 1942 to disbandment in 1945. Do not confuse this with the operational, day-to-day, size of PPA. Broadly, PPA started out in 1942 with 15 men and five Arab guides, rising unofficially to about 40 men during the Spring and Summer of 1943 with the close of the North African Campaign (see PPA's first War Establishment). Very early in the Italian Campaign this rose officially to 80 All Ranks, with about 100 in practice (see PPA's second War Establishment). The number often quoted as "120" is a mistake - see Myths and Goofs.

Unsubstantiated Claims to PPA Membership

What's not included in the Register are the unsubstantiated claims to PPA membership (65 at 1 March 2015) that foPPA keeps note of. This does not mean that they were definitely not in PPA (the problem of proving a negative): it means that in each case investigated no trace of them has been found in our extensive collection of PPA personnel records, the PPA War Diary and other sources, they are not mentioned in any PPA books, no PPA veteran can remember them, and no documentary proof, photographic evidence or convincing explanation has been provided to foPPA.

Army Nb Rank Name Patrol Est-Att
286/W Private Agius, Giovanni Att
Sergeant Pilot Ainsworth Att
14563474 Driver Alexander, W S Est
2204 Private Alliaud, Vittorio S Att
2554947 Private Amastasi, Chris Blitz Est
10680191 Driver Anderson, Adam B Est
2329136 Corporal Archer, S HQ Est
293/W Private Artifoni, Pietro Blitz Att
Signalman AstrolabeSignals1 Att
Signalman AstrolabeSignals2 Att
Signalman AstrolabeSignals3 Att
Signalman AstrolabeSignals4 Att
Driver AstrolabeSignals5 Att
133641 Driver Attwood, George B Est
7903167 Trooper Baker, Charles HQ Est
4536729 Craftsman Banks, John Blitz Est
2184192 Private Barnes, Sammy P Est
7942306 Trooper Bays, Geoffrey B Est
2328234 Sergeant Beautyman, John P Est
14219927 Private Beck, C HQ Est
Driver Bell Original Est
1876049 Sapper Bishop, J P Est
322294 Trooper Blake, Pat S Est
7895024 Trooper Blythe, J Blitz Est
155735 Private Borral, Herbert HQ Est
2014002 Sapper Bowman, Leslie Blitz Est
160726 Lieutenant Bray, Anthony P Est
2366227 Sergeant Brooks, Eric B Est
95964 Driver Brown, R B Est
S/65962 Private Burrows, Ernest P Est
151843 Lieutenant Cadell, Maurice B Est
119614 L/Corporal Cahill, Alfred S Est
14324554 Private Cale, W S Est
410258 Corporal Cameron, John Blitz Est
203424 Captain Campbell, John S Est
191277 Captain Caneri, Jean Orig + Bli Est
Private Carcirio Att
525002 Lieutenant Cardona, Egidio B Att
320708 Trooper Carling, G HQ Est
2388104 Corporal Cartwright, William B Est
Sapper Cawthorne, A PPN Att
4691031 Private Christie, A HQ Est
T/126757 L/Corporal Cokes, Ron P + Blitz Est
Private Colagin, Nickolai HQ Att
1066401 Driver Coomber, Geoffrey P + HQ Est
Sergeant Cooper, John Att
5884861 Trooper Cory, H R Est
312144 Lieutenant Costello, Robert S Est
322315 Trooper Coupe, Isaac HQ Est
51321 Driver Coutts, Archibald Blitz Est
7942277 Trooper Cowperthwaite, Samuel HQ Est
7904917 Trooper Croghan, Thomas R Est
14249789 Trooper Crosby, J HQ Est
T/278601 Driver Croskery, J HQ Est
1894174 Sergeant Curtis, Charles Blitz Est
128385 SQMS Davies, Alfred Orig + P Est
1947397 Sapper Davies, A S Est
277308 Corporal Davies, B P Est
7938778 Trooper Davis, Wilfred HQ Est
232538 Lieutenant Derrett, Peter B Est
320293 Trooper Disbray, Leonard Blitz Est
1941377 Corporal Dobinson, John PPN Att
261889 Driver Duggan, Terry Blitz Est
4453227 Private Dunham, Thomson HQ Est
2065707 Trooper Dyson, Arthur S Est
14335342 Trooper Eastham, MacDonald P Est
C8943 Private Emiliani, Alberto Att
Lieutenant Falcoz, Anselmo P Att
3450433 Driver Farr, Eric Blitz Est
14424201 Private Farrell, H B Est
Lieutenant Felmly (USN), LLoyd Att
Sapper Foweraker, Lewis PPN Att
6350699 Signalman Franklin, A S Est
Sapper Freeman, Joseph PPN Att
3973334 Trooper Furlong, J Blitz Est
7589298 Private Gale, W HQ Est
T/71002 Sergeant Galloway, Donald B Est
2598047 Signalman Garnett, Ronald HQ Est
T/129275 Driver Gaskell, William HQ Est
8104 Corporal Gilardino, Bruno B Att
Sergeant Pilot Gliders???10 Att
Sergeant Pilot Gliders???11 Att
Sergeant Pilot Gliders???12 Att
Sergeant Pilot Gliders???5 Att
Sergeant Pilot Gliders???6 Att
Sergeant Pilot Gliders???7 Att
Sergeant Pilot Gliders???8 Att
Sergeant Pilot Gliders???9 Att
Lieutenant Greville-Bell, Anthony Att
406364 Trooper Griffin, Robert R Est
97144 Driver Guest, John B Est
5384389 Private Haley, Jack HQ Est
5124294 Craftsman Hallett, Gordon B Est
177841 Lieutenant Hallett, Victor HQ Est
5884533 Trooper Hannant, Bernard Blitz Est
552446 Trooper Harding, Douglas HQ Est
7895499 Trooper Hardman, Sydney S Est
6296770 Corporal Harris, Wyatt HQ Est
Lieutenant Haskett, P Att
14500553 Trooper Heaton, John S Est
S/554447 Private Hewitt, John HQ Est
2981417 Driver Higgins, John Blitz Est
66215 Lieutenant Hoar, Ian HQ Est
1792530 Corporal Hodgson, Dennis S Est
6465628 Craftsman Hopper, Michael Blitz Est
Driver Hough, Cliff Original Est
2328585 Signalman Howells, N B Est
409102 Trooper Hubbard, W R Est
7904902 Trooper Hughes, Norman S Est
14316778 Private Hughes, Ray S Est
1777229 Trooper Humphries, E HQ Est
2992997 Private Hunter, John B Est
23724 Lieutenant Hurn, Stanley HQ Est
5122902 L/Corporal Jewell, Richard P Est
557258 Trooper Johnson, A HQ Est
13084367 Signalman Johnson, L HQ Est
319392 Trooper Jones, Frank HQ Est
10328 Nafar (Private) Kader, Ahmed Original Att
4691647 Private Kearsley, S HQ Est
Sergeant Kinealy, Jimmy PPN Att
5335879 Private Kirby, Cyril Blitz Est
138011 Flight Lieutenant Lee, Christopher Att
Lieutenant Lee, George HQ Est
319815 Trooper Liles, Alfred B Est
7955669 Trooper Liversage, K Blitz Est
420997 L/Corporal Locke, Robert Orig + B Est
6355297 Trooper Lyle, N HQ Est
2584760 Corporal Lynn, Arthur HQ Est
2067623 Sapper MacDowall, Richard B Est
217958 Lieutenant MacGillivray, Duncan HQ Est
Staff Sergeant Pilot Mackenzie, Roddy Att
6516099 Private Mackman, William HQ Est
4204278 Trooper Mansfield, J HQ Est
3763261 Private Marsh, H HQ Est
4914730 Trooper Mayer, F S Est
14379123 Sapper McAllister, James B Est
299739 Lieutenant McCallum, Ian B Est
2090669 Sapper McCloskey, J B Est
6216293 Signalman McCulloch, Douglas HQ Est
75365 Corporal McDonald, George HQ Est
405614 SSM McDonough, John P Est
7934569 Trooper McGrath, Albert HQ Est
63754 Driver McKay, Angus HQ Est
79344 Craftsman McLean, Allan Blitz Est
10671288 Driver McLelland HQ Est
142001 Driver Mee, Herbert B Est
322289 Trooper Melville, J P Est
294/W Private Missioria, Gino B Att
75073 Corporal Mitchell, Reginald P Est
Lieutenant Mockridge, John Att
P/292551 Lieutenant Montague, Thomas HQ Est
Private Morai, Ivanovich HQ Att
410476 Trooper Moreland, Eric P Est
10668885 Driver Morrison, David Blitz Est
106758 SQMS Moss, Harry Blitz Est
4306 Shawish (Sergeant) Mustapha, Mohammed Original Att
323626 Trooper Needham, R HQ Est
2080486 Gunner Norman, R HQ Est
14392696 Trooper Norrish, G HQ Est
1942599 Corporal North, Richard S Est
962728 Sergeant O'Leary, William S Est
7904035 Trooper O'Neill, Dennis B Est
Private OriginalNb12 Original Est
4078 Ombash (Corporal) Othman, Abdel Original Att
825490 Corporal Owen, Benjamin B Est
3712464 Trooper Owen, G HQ Est
6089507 Sapper Pain, Charlie S Est
3528581 Sapper Parkins, Robert R Est
841027 Private Parkinson, R HQ Est
Sapper Parr, Ken PPN Att
159661 Major Peniakoff, Vladimir Orig + P Est
960265 Gunner Pennel, S HQ Est
7888135 Trooper Perkins, W HQ Est
Sapper Petrie, Alec Original Est
2156419 Sergeant Porter, David R Est
2824693 Trooper Porter, Robert R Est
2331457 Signalman Radcliffe, P S Est
C8732 Private Ravaioli, Guerino S Att
2379618 L/Corporal Reece, Montague S Est
170055 V Lieutenant Reeve-Walker, Anthony S Est
6284427 Private Reynaert, S S Est
1472416 Corporal Reynolds, Russel HQ Est
5182528 Sergeant Riches, Frank B Est
78779 Captain Rickwood, John R Est
14510224 Trooper Roberts, H HQ Est
Private Robinson Original Est
222491 Lieutenant Robinson, Peter Blitz Est
7955228 Trooper Robinson, W Blitz Est
6467453 Trooper Rogers, Arthur B Est
7906375 Trooper Rose, Harry Blitz Est
318892 Trooper Rosewell-Hellier, Douglas R Est
2328689 Trooper Russell, Len HQ Est
4453593 Gunner Rutherford, C HQ Est
598 Sergeant Sanders, Edgar P Est
217876 Driver Sandford, Henry Blitz Est
T/71121 Driver Saunders, A Blitz Est
7603986 Corporal Seamer, R Blitz Est
Sergeant Seekings, Reg Att
Driver Sheekie, R Original Est
Trooper Silverman, P HQ Est
2583956 Signalman Simpson, Hector B Est
7914081 Sergeant Sizer, Stanley S Est
5782365 Signalman Sloan, Harry B Est
243636 Driver Smith, Nathan HQ Est
3536135 Corporal Snape, James Blitz Est
1709012 Trooper Solomi, M Blitz Est
319178 L/Corporal Sonley, George B Est
3655833 Craftsman Spencer, R Blitz Est
2373729 L/Corporal Steward, Harry R Est
7615885 Craftsman Stewart, Alexander B Est
2327861 Signalman Stewart, Campbell HQ Est
14367557 Trooper Storey, Derrick S Est
2573145 Driver Stott, Frank Blitz Est
896405 Gunner Summerfield, Robert HQ + Blitz Est
10553 Nafar (Private) Tayeb, Ibrahim Original Att
4465337 Sergeant Taylor, Frank P + R Est
168440 Driver Thomas, Ivor Blitz Est
P/235251 Lieutenant Thomas, Brian PPN Att
3320899 Trooper Thomson, W HQ Est
4469929 Private Tindale, L HQ + Blitz Est
4627651 Sapper Topham, Sidney R Est
7952730 Trooper Trotter, F HQ Est
Sergeant Pilot Turnbull Att
2345116 Signalman Tyler, Hamilton Att
6293121 Private Uden, Richard P Est
2356770 Signalman Underwood, John HQ Est
328512 Trooper Varley, Harold Blitz Est
Private Ventimiglia, Uccio S Att
929259 Gunner Walker, Andy P Est
4209631 Signalman Wall, G HQ Est
292622 Lieutenant Wallbridge, Henry B + R Est
3243484 SSM Waterson, George Orig + P Est
162153 Private Watkins, Eric Blitz Est
Driver Weldon Original Est
Private Welsh Original Est
5381327 Private White, Albert S Est
2188109 Signalman White, Leslie HQ Est
554960 Trooper Whitehead, Richard HQ Est
10691130 Driver Wilkinson, A HQ Est
1690994 Gunner Williams, William HQ + B Est
T/66599 Driver Williamson, Kenneth P Est
2602004 Signalman Wilson, A Blitz Est
574512 Private Wilson, B HQ Est
7014629 Trooper Wilson, L Blitz Est
14209317 Driver Wilson, William P Est
T/103671 Driver Wilson, William Orig + P Est
2381123 Signalman Yeoman, Fred B Est
9647 Nafar (Private) Yunes, Yussef Original Att
201206 Captain Yunnie, Robert Orig + B Est