PPA War Establishments

PPA was authorised by two successive War Establishments. The first one, issued by Middle East Command in 1942, is ME/866/1, for 23 All Ranks, while the second, issued by North Africa Command in 1943, is NA/229/1[1], for 80 All Ranks. These are the reference numbers mentioned in Popski's book and in the PPA War Diary. It was ME/866/1's establishment of 23 All Ranks that made PPA the smallest independent unit of the British Army.

These operational War Establishments were later officially approved by the Army Council and given new reference numbers that were then notified in Army Council Instructions (A.C.Is.). The two matching references respectively are VI/961/1 and XII/957/1, VI being the prefix for Middle East Command and XII that for North Africa. We are indebted to Tony Chadwick and his War Establishments website for clarifying these details for us.

Note that the five Arabs in PPA during the North African Campaign are not counted as part of the PPA Establishment: they were hired as "guides". See Who was in PPA? for a comprehensive examination of PPA membership.

ME/866/1 (VI/961/1)
First PPA War Establishment.
23 All Ranks.
NA/229/1 (XII/957/1)
Second PPA War Establishment.
80 All Ranks.

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  1. ^ In Popski's book this is shown as "NA/229/31" but we've not seen the 3 anywhere else.
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