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Q6 About this website Why did the chicken not cross the road? We actually know the answer to this one - it's just a test of your knowledge of PPA history. Can you tell us who was the only member of PPA to successfully steal a chicken while leaning out of a moving patrol jeep?

13 Jan 2012: Not only did Jay Jensen in Denmark get this right, but he correctly pointed out that it was a goose that Corporal Ben Owen grabbed.
Q7 - Is SQMS Alfred Davies still alive? He was the only person to have served continuously in PPA from start to finish. Not even Popski himself did that, because of being evacuated back to London after losing his left hand.

13 Jan 2012: Sadly this was answered by his son Paul who told us in May 2011 that Dave died in November 1986.
Q3 Count by Parent Unit Who was the American Officer who was briefly attached to PPA for a few raids in Tunisia in the Spring of 1943, to gain experience for raising an American force like PPA?

6 Nov 2013: 82nd Airborne veteran Donovan Puffer sent us a great email saying how he accidently found our mystery American at a Washington DC Remembrance Ceremony in 1998. He asked USN Lieutenant Lloyd "Doc" Felmly why he was wearing a PPA badge on his SACO cap, and was rewarded with a huge grin. Doc's wife said that was the first time in 50 years that anyone had recognised the badge. He then went on to explain how he became attached to PPA, as a demolitions expert, as there wasn't much to do with that Navy experience in Tunisia, after the "Operation Torch" landings.

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16 Nov 2013