The Questions page lists questions relating to PPA that foPPA has so far been unable to answer. These questions usually originate in the relevant "Further information" boxes that appear at the end of many pages throughout this website, some are general questions that are only listed on this page, but are all repeated together here for convenience.

When a question has been satisfactorily answered, it'll be moved to the Answers page. Readers are invited to get stuck in, pick a research topic from this list then let us know who you are, what you're going after and what you find out.

All of the questions are uniquely numbered across the website in no particular order than when we added them to this page.

Number Page Question
Q1 Roll of Honour Driver Gaskell and Lieutenant MacGillivray were both lost on HMS Abdiel in Taranto harbour. Why is Driver Gaskell commemorated on the Brookwood Memorial and not on the Cassino Memorial alongside Lieutenant MacGillivray?
Q2 - What's the name of the 12th PPA "Original"? Popski's and Yunnie's books and the War Diary are quite clear about there being 12 Other Ranks recruited in Cairo, but only 11 of them are named. We have been told that there exists a list in The National Archives of the Originals who all went together on the SAS Explosives Course at Kabrit in 1942. Can anyone find that list for us?
Q3 - Answered 6 Nov 2013
Q4 - What are the names of the other nine 1st Airborne Glider Pilots from M'saken in Tunisia in 1943?
Q5 - What are the names of the other three 8th Army Signallers attached to PPA, alongside Signalman Hamilton Tyler, for Operation Astrolabe in 1944?
Q6 - Answered 13 Jan 2012
Q7 - Answered 11 May 2011

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6 Nov 2013