The PPA Memorial

The PPA Memorial was unveiled in the National Memorial Arboretum on 30 March 2008, Popski's Birthday. It has commemorative plaques on all four faces, and is crowned by the PPA astrolabe unit symbol, scaled exactly from Popski's design. It is enclosed by a low hedge, also in the shape of the unit symbol, pointing due North, at the feet of which are two Italian cypress trees, representing coastal navigation aides once used by Captain Bob Yunnie to land behind the German lines.

On the front of the Memorial is a small plaque showing PPA's astrolabe cap badge, another small plaque commemorating the unveiling, and the PPA Roll of Honour. At the back is the PPA Honours and Awards, while the right-hand side shows the plaque commemorating the 27th Lancers and all the units who comprise "Porterforce" and the left-hand side commemorates the Italian Partisans. Two PPA Story plaques were added at the entrance to the hedged area in 2010, sitting alongside a temporary one that shows the Official Register of PPA Members. There are plans to replace the temporary plaque with a metal one on the Memorial itself. All six of the main plaques can be seen below.

The PPA Memorial, showing the Astrolabe-shaped hedge (See Image Credits)
The PPA Memorial, early in the morning from the air
The PPA Memorial, early in the morning from the air (See Image Credits)

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23 Nov 2013