The Light Car Patrol Story

No self-respecting website about Popski, the Long Range Desert Group, and the long history of motorised exploration in the Western Desert would be complete without some reference to the Light Car Patrols of the Great War. These were the pioneers of many desert-driving techniques and equipment that were taken up and refined by Ralph Bagnold and his LRDG. We are blessed by the recent (if somewhat belated) appearance of Russell McGuirk's stunning and authoritative book on the LCP, drawing upon archive material from the Royal Geographical Society, virtually unseen since the 1920s.

Light Car Patrols 1916-1919
Light Car Patrols 1916-1919

This book was jointly produced by the RGS and the Society for Libyan Studies under SLS's Silphium Press imprint. When we can pin down the much-travelled author for a few days, we'll extract from him a whole load of the original photos from the astounding collections of Derek Williams and Bill Lindsay, grandsons of LCP Patrol skippers.

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19 Apr 2014