foPPA's third Patron appointed

We are delighted to announce that Anne Peniakoff, Popski's younger daughter, has kindly agreed to act as a Patron of the Friends of Popski's Private Army. Anne has been a keen supporter of foPPA's remembrance activities for many years, attending our inaugural meeting at the Special Forces Club in 2004, and we believe that her appointment will significantly enhance our fundraising profile for years to come.

Like her father, Anne is an intrepid traveller, sending us wonderful postcards from remote spots around the world. Born and brought up in Hawamdieh, South of Cairo, in the 1930's, Anne now spends much of her time with her children and grandchildren in the US. Anne and her sister Olga were part of our Operation Diamond Remembrance Event in Ravenna and Venice in 2005, and made a significant contribution to the building and unveiling of the PPA Memorial in 2008.

We are particularly proud to have such a lively and dynamic member of the Peniakoff family on board.

Roy Paterson
Secretary, foPPA

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01 Aug 2013