FoPPA has produced five printed newsletters to date, distributed free of charge to PPA veterans and their families. They are fully reproduced here and evolved out of meetings that we (Guy Harris and Roy Paterson) had in 2003, having been put in touch, as Popski fans, by John Campbell. We started writing notes of what research we had been doing and what we had found, to keep John briefed, and this is also the origin of the Friends of PPA.

As we were only doing it for fun, we initially titled the newsletters after Popski's irreverent name for his desert-exploration Model A Ford: "The Pisspot" (see the front cover of newsletter 2 for a picture of the car, from the foPPA Archives), but by the fourth edition many veterans and their families were starting to take more serious notice of what we were doing, and we thought that it didn't really reflect the main part of Popski's life in PPA, so we changed to the more obvious title of "The Astrolabe".

In the early editions you can see us groping around for answers to our many research questions, while in the website now you can see how far we have progressed.

Depending on fundraising, we may yet go into print once more, with another 24-page full-colour commemorative edition, about the unveiling of the PPA Memorial (this was going to be newsletter 5 but we ran out of money, so could only do a single page), but our focus for now is on the website.

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17 Mar 2013