Personal Stories

The Personal Stories section contains articles written by PPA veterans or others who came across the unit in their travels (for War Correspondents' articles see Press Stories). Some were published many years ago and discovered during our researches, and some have just been sent in with letters to foPPA, as and when people find us. They all help to illuminate and enrich the Popski story.

For each personal story we will try to include a "Context" item in the "Further information" box, indicating where the story fits into Popski's and other books, as well as relevant location links to an external geomapping website.

Meanwhile, here's Friend of PPA Peter Lind's beautiful 2007 image of the ancient Appenine walled town of Camerino, scene of one of PPA's battles in 1944, as recounted in Popski's, Bob Yunnie's and Ben Owen's book. Peter is helping us to dig out more information about the Ferri brothers, Giuseppe and Antonio, who Popski found there to be very well organised Partisans, and deadly too.

Peter Lind's 2007 photo of Camerino
Peter Lind's 2007 photo of Camerino

Captain Rickwood, Skipper 'R' Patrol
on Popski the man. A talk given shortly after Popski died.
Lt George Hearn, USMCR OSS
The capture of the whole Chioggia garrison in 1945 with very few men, in co-operation with PPA.
WOP/AG Don Bass, South African Air Force
The tale of his time in the Luftwaffe Hospital near Tarvisio in north-east Italy and rescue by PPA.
Helmuth Orschiedt, Deutsches Afrika Korps
The tale of his time in the Luftwaffe Hospital near Tarvisio in north-east Italy and rescue by PPA.
WO2 Clement Hoyle, REME
Clement's story of meeting Popski and arguing, over cups of tea, about how he wanted his jeeps built.
Lt John Mockridge, Glider Pilot Regiment
The story of his Glider Pilot Regiment detachment in hard training with PPA in Tunisia for operations in Italy.
Captain JW Bolam, Royal Artillery
This tells us what Popski really got up to when he used a Royal Artillery spotter plane as a makeshift WWI bomber.
Sgt Ron Kent, Parachute Pathfinder Coy
About PPA's comprehensive training camp in Tunisia, and their unusual alarm clock.
Captain Cowin, South African Engineer Corps
The story of Popski's Private Bridge, built by South African Sappers out of stolen Bailey Bridge parts whilst being attacked by frogmen.

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