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Over the years various people have contacted us about modelling PPA Jeeps. We are very pleased then to finally open up this new section, to showcase their efforts and help others. The world number one PPA Jeep (and other vehicles!) modellers are Kurt van Looke and his colleagues of the PPA Preservation Society of Belgium. Only a few more members and they'll have a complete PPA Patrol. The reason they are so good at it is because they spent many years corresponding with PPA veterans and researching in PPA archive material, clarifying exactly how the PPA Jeeps were customised by the REME workshops at Trani in Italy, and then how they were operationally loaded and used.

One of our favourite photos is this one, taken in the Pineta di Classe, South of Ravenna, where Kurt's Jeep was the centerpiece of our Operation Diamond Remembrance Event in Ravenna and Venice in 2005. This is exactly how a PPA Patrol Jeep looked, and it's sitting exactly where PPA Patrol jeeps were based during the battle for the liberation of Ravenna in December 1944. Doesn't get more authentic than that.

Kurt van Looke's PPA Preservation Society Jeep in the Pineta di Classe in 2005
Kurt van Looke's PPA Preservation Society Jeep in the Pineta di Classe in 2005

We know of many more great PPA Jeeps in the UK and around the world - North Africa and Italy Campaign Patterns - so this section will be building up with more pictures in due course. Then we'll split it into Full-Scale Modelling and Small-Scale Modelling Sections. Meanwhile here's a couple of pictures of small-scale models that you might like to see. The first is by Brian Murdoch: a model of a PPA Patrol Jeep, while the second is Joe Clarke's model of a PPA chap (Looks a bit like Sergeant Bill O'Leary MM actually.).

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Brian Murdoch's PPA Patrol Jeep Joe Clarke's PPA Trooper

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