PPA Preservation Society

PPA Preservation Society

The PPA Preservation Society is the organisation of our close research colleagues in Belgium. We've been working together for many years, sharing and comparing our documents, photos and research findings, and helping PPA veterans and their families to get in touch with each other and find out more about the whole Popski story and their part in it.

This year (2012) we are working to bring the two websites more closely into line with each other and reduce duplication of content (and effort!). Click on either of these images to start exploring the PPA-PS website. The PPA Patrol Jeep photo is one of our all-time favourites, taken during Operation Diamond in 2005 and showing Kurt van Looke's brilliantly authentic vehicle sitting in the Pineta di Classe south of Ravenna, exactly where PPA were operating in the autumn and winter of 1944.

Heavily armed PPA jeep in the Pineta di Classe, South of Ravenna.

Authentic PPA-PS jeep in the Pineta di Classe, south of Ravenna. (See Image Credits)

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22 Jan 2012