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The Press Stories section contains scans or transcriptions of articles written by War Correspondents[1] (published or not) and, later, of the many post-war press cuttings in the foPPA Archives.

This where the many, many press cuttings that we have in the foPPA Archives will eventually appear. For each press story we will try to include a "Context" item in the "Further information" box, indicating where the story fits into Popski's and other books, as well as relevant location links to an external geomapping website.

To start we have the accounts of Allied War Correspondents Alan Moorehead and Philip Jordan, written in February 1943, covering the first meeting of Eighth Army units with First Army units and showing the earliest journalistic reference to PPA's existence (that we know of), although they could not reveal the name of the unit. They relate to the only part of the war where the Allies were winning up to that time, and mounting excitement at the prospect of Rommel being squeezed out of North Africa between the pincers of the British First and Eighth Armies, and of course the US Army's 2 Corps. There is also an undercurrent regarding the difference between the spit-and-polish but inexperienced First Army and these battle-hardened raggedy bearded warriors of the Eighth, literally staggering out of the desert.

LRDG, SAS and PPA reconnaissance patrols had been sent out way ahead of Eighth Army, focussed on reporting back two key bits of intelligence: the disposition of enemy forces and the state of "The Going" – how good the desert surface was for tanks and soft-skinned support vehicles. Montgomery was of course combining this with Enigma Sigint from his "Y" Service[2].

Eighth Army News May 1945
Eighth Army News May 1945. (See Image Credits)
Nov 1995: PPA Reunion at the Imperial War Museum
Nov 1995: PPA Reunion at the Imperial War Museum (See Image Credits)

Philip Jordan, Allied War Correspondent
5 February 1943. Jordan's Tunis Diary.
Alan Moorehead, Allied War Correspondent
5 February 1943. Extract from Scottish Daily Express dated Friday, March 5, 1943.

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